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October 19, 2013


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Date: October 2013
Cost: 9.99/6-pack at BevMo
Brewer: New Belgium Brewery, Fort Collins, Colorado
Alcohol content: 6%
Served: Cold in chilled glasses

I’ve been a fan of several New Belgium beers (Trippel, Mothership Wit) in the past, so I was excited to see a pumpkin ale from this brewery. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Out of the bottle, Pumpkick has a slightly hazy pumpkin-orange color with a delicate white foam. The aroma is sweet, hoppy, and rich with citrus and spices. And it just gets better with your first sip.

This ale isn’t overly carbonated, which I appreciate in a pumpkin ale. There’s a mild tartness from the cranberry, which is nice, but overall the pumpkin, cranberry, and spices blend together to create a truly smooth, refreshing, flavorful autumn ale. I’m impressed! New Belgium has knocked another out of the ball field!


May 10, 2011

Mothership Wit

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Mothership WitDate: April 30, 2011
Cost: $7.99/6-pack at Vons
Brewery: New Belgium Brewery, Fort Collins, Colorado
Alcohol content: 4.8%
Served: Cold in a chilled glass

The two macho guys in line ahead of me at Vons were quick to inform me that they didn’t like Mothership Wit. Being a fan of New Belgium’s Ranger IPA, I said I was willing to give it a chance (they agreed with me on the merits of Ranger). I’m glad I did. Mothership Wit is light in color and nicely light in taste. I found its flavor smooth and refreshing: a perfect beer for a summer picnic or hot evening sitting on the porch swing, wiping sweat off your brow. The label describes it as an “organic wheat beer brewed with spices,” but I swear I could taste a little citrus.

I’m becoming a fan of New Belgium’s; I like their environmentally conscious, employee-owned company culture, and I really enjoy their beers. I’m eager to try more of their products.

And the moral of this story is, don’t listen to guys in the checkout line. Try the beer for yourself!

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