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May 12, 2011

Mermaid’s Red

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Mermaid's RedDate: May 6, 2011
Cost: Not available
Brewer:  Coronado Brewing Company, Coronado, California
Alcohol content: 5.7%
Served: Cold in chilled glasses

I have had a long love affair with this ale. I drank it first at the company’s brewpub on Orange Avenue in Coronado, accompanied by a large, fresh soft pretzel. Good times, my friends. I love the Coronado Brewing Company’s restaurant: the atmosphere is A+; there’s usually a nice, laid-back crowd of regulars and tourists; the menu is varied and the food delicious; and the beers…aahhhhhh.

Mermaid’s Red Ale is a dark, full-bodied, hoppy red with a touch of malt, caramel, and a kick. It’s a little cloudy, like a wheat beer. That’s fine with me. This ale has a lot of flavor and goes well with most foods or as a standalone. You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re in San Diego or planning to visit, the Coronado Brewing Company’s restaurant and beers are worth a trip across the bay.


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